What kind of cuffs for the women dress and How to distinguish

The cuff type is mainly divided into 12 types like bat sleeve, shirt sleeve, rib cuff, flying sleeve, lotus leaf sleeve, bubble sleeve, princess sleeve, lantern sleeve, horn sleeve, shoulder sleeve, horn sleeve, bag sleeve.

  1. What is bat-sleeves: they’re very wide and ridiculously, attached to the side of the garment with arms outstretched just like bats.
  2. What is shirt sleeve: It’s a sleeve type that shirt USES, cuff has fork, join with the button.
  3. What is the rib cuff: the sleeve body is relatively loose, and it tightens up to the cuff and has a certain elastic force. This rib cuff is often used in fleeces.
  4. What is flying sleeve: there is a bit short sleeve on the shoulder (the pleated has a little drape is like lotus leaf), directly connecting the clothes under the arm without sleeves, princess sleeve retains the upper half, and then the lower half becomes exaggerated, “flying sleeve” is out of the box.
  5. What is the lotus leaf sleeve: literally, shaped like a lotus leaf, there is a sense of layering.

* Note: princess sleeve and flying sleeve are somewhat similar, both are pleated like lotus leaf, the difference between the two is that the lower end of flying sleeve is directly connected to the armpit of the clothes. And the cuff is often attached to the edge of the sleeve.

  1. What is a bubble sleeve: bubble sleeve refers to the sleeve shape that is puffed up in a puffy, puffy fold at the sleeve hill (sleeve hill, where the upper part of the sleeve folds).
  2. What is princess sleeve: similar to bubble sleeve, it is a garment with wider and narrower shoulders, and its purpose is to reflect the full shape of the sleeve and sex. It is suitable for women with small upper body.
  3. What is the lantern cuff: refers to the shoulder bubble, cuff contraction, the overall sleeve lantern shaped bulging sleeve. Namely: cuff top is bigger.
  4. What is bagging sleeve: most sleeve is shorter, or addition loose clingy at the arm, build lantern feeling; Or at the shoulder outside bombe, add more drape; Other double deck design are suit the lady with thinner arm quite.

* These 4 types are more indistinguishable!!! Because they all have a raised design:

The difference of the lantern sleeve is obvious, because it is different from the other three kinds of puffed up position, it is at the bottom of the sleeve (near the cuff), the other three kinds are above the sleeve that is the shoulder puffed up.

Of the other three, also raised at the shoulder, the cuff is short, wrapped like a bud around the upper arm, different the other two.

                Bat Sleeve                               Shirt Sleeve                   Rib Cuffs

       Flying Sleeve                    lotus leaf sleeve               bubble sleeve

  princess sleeve                         lantern cuff                 bagging sleeve

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