5 tips to teach you to improve the softness of the flat rib knitted fabric

All the people like soft and comfortable fabric when we choose clothes that go next to the skin because it is more soft and absorbent. So if the softness of flat rib knitted fabric can be improved? Following are the 5 tips for improved the softness of flat rib knitted fabric:

  1. Strengthen the pre-processing. It is impossible to remove the impurities even after retreating, boiling and rinsing. According to experience, it can improve the feel of linen fabric re-bleeding after done pre-treatment of mercerized, that is because the impurities in the fiber can be further removed and reduced cohesion between the fibers, thus the fibers will be loose relatively and the hand feels soft.
  2. Adopt biodegradation method. Treatment with cellulase destroys the orderly arrangement of flax fibers, and turns the larger molecular chains in the fibers into smaller molecular chains, which makes the orientation of the fibers smaller, increased to the fiber flexibility while increasing the breaking elongation of a fiber.
  3. Softener treatment. Treatment with softener is an important part of improving the feel of linen fabrics, but the selection of softeners should be cautious, such as linen softeners, amino-modified silicone oils, etc., as well as some cationic softeners and silicone compounds.
  4. Strengthen pre-shrinking finishing. After pre-shrink finishing, the linen fabric can be expanded and rubbed by more fluffy and full, and the hand feel is softer, and the shrinkage rate can be controlled.
  5. Perform washing and finishing. Some linen fabrics need to be washed and washed, washed with water, dried, and continuously turned in a drum type hot air dryer. The high temperature hot air enters the inside of the fiber, and the fabric becomes fluffy, thick, and the surface is fluffy, and the hand feels soft and full.

    The above is the specific method to improve the softness of the knurling machine. Yangzhou Jinjia Garment Accessories is a factory that has been producing and selling high-end clothing and home textile accessories for more than 30 years. The main products are rib and knit. Machine ribs, webbing, ropes, welcome customers who have the need to purchase ribbed ribs.

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