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Amanda Textile Co.,ltd is a famous wide breathable elastic band, stretch elastic webbing manufacturer, supplier in China, we have been supplying quality elastic band and webbing products for over ten years.

Are you looking for high-quality, attractive and customized mesh orthopedic and ergonomic elastic, surgical elastic tape, orthopedic medical elastic, unnapped loop elastic tape, wide width abdominal elastic, elastic sport bands, Yoga training stretch band for your products ? Then you’ve come to the right place. We create woven elastic with silicon coated, breathable loop elastic, breathable medical elastic, orthopedy medical elastic, breathable knit elastic,  sport training elastic and other wide webbing tape rope to your specifications using various materials.

You will find the elastic what you are searching in below .

Core Advantages of Amanda Textile CO.

We are the source manufacturing plant;
Our price always competitive than other suppliers;

Following the latest fashion marketing trends;
Use the excellent quality materials and machinery equipment;
With own team of designer and technic and a large number of skilled operators
Every production processing controlled by skilled technical workers, strictly control the quality

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Customer Feedback


One of the DHL shipments arrived today and we are thrilled with the finish of the 6 inch black and 8 inch nude.  It is perfect!!!  Please use this same finish quality on all of our woven elastic goods in the future.
Thank you for your hard work on it.

Dear Anney He,

Thank you for your email. We are very happy with the elastic waistband you made last year. The launch of our brand is planned for the end of this month. We still have enough elastic waistband for an re-order of the underwear, but I really hope we need some more before the end of 2022!

Hi Anney,

I received the elastic, thank you and great Job 🙂

I will recommend you for future jobs with our other product developers.

Hi Anney,

Hope your well!

Long time between emails.
Sorry Sydney has been in locked down for so long and then we had Christmas and on school holidays.
We we would like to put in a bigger order for those two elastics we did samples for…we got our samples made and they look fantastic.
We would love to use your company for our brand.
Keep in touch !
Many thanks,

Hi Anney

As mentioned on wechat message yesterday we wish to proceed with the order of 75mm elastic and need it soon.
You mentioned sending me a sample of the 75mm elastic with more stiffener in it. I would like to get this to look at it and make sure the velcro hook tape still sticks to it well.
Kind regards

Hi Anney, I have received the first order. We are pleased with the bands – they look great! Thank you for your work.

Dear Anne

Perfect, we got the sample yesterday ! It looks great !
We will do testing for it and get back to you asap once it approval.

We will be in touch wehen we are ready to place an order !

We are pleased with the quality. Good job !

Please inform weight and measurement for each item/size.

Hi Anney,

Confirmed that points.

Always ready 20k mtrs for us as agreed at the beginning of the project, minimum 20k, it’s regular item, we will make many reorders.

Need to have always ready to dye to speed up lead time.